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in washington d.c. is widening. a letter addressed to president obama tested positive for the deadly poison, ricin, today. this after senator roger wicker of mississippi was targeted just last night. the deadly contents above letters was detected before being delivered to the white house and the capital. a sweeping defeat for gun-control advocates today. the senate voted against that to -- compromised amendment and would have extended background checks, against the assault weapons ban and against an amendment to ban high-capacity magazines. president obama appearing with former congresswoman--foot -- debbie giffords, the town victim's family members at the white house describing this as a shameful day for washington. blasting both the national rifle association and the senate. >> the gun lobby and its allies will fully lied about the bill. they claim that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry. even though the bill did the opposite. this legislation in fact outlawed any registry, plain and simple, right there in the text. that didn't matter. and unfortunately this pattern of
, the fbi says a letter sent to president barack obama has tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. >> the letter was intercepted tuesday at a mail screening facility. american media say that the letter sent to obama and another letter sent to roger wicker were both postmarked memphis, tennessee. additional tests are due in the next 48 hours to confirm the presence of the toxin. >> our washington correspondent is following this for us. any idea as to who might be behind this? >> oh -- we do not have a suspect yet, but there was a signature on the letters. the letters included the phrase "to see a wrong and not to expose it is to become to -- a silence -- is to become a silent partner to it." president obama said, "i am president obama and i approve this message." this is someone who wants to get attention. it is important to note that both are getting letters right now, republicans and democrats. that says to me this is someone who really hates government. the u.s. -- in the u.s., antigovernment extremists have a fascination with ricin in the past. you can easily buy manuals on how
packages in the capitol. federal authorities say letters sent to president obama tested positive for the toxic substance ricin. here is jay corny today. >> there was a letter sent to, addressed to the president at an off-site mail facility it was noticed to contain a suspicious substance, and tests were undertaken. >> michael: thankfully it was intercepted before it reached the white house. since 9/11 all white house and congressional mail is sorted at a separation lobingation. this morning two floors evacuated when a letter was discovered there. in the hallway outside of senator richard shelby's office was cleared after reports that he also received a suspicious package. in phoenix there was report of a suspicious package at john mccain's office. and karl levin's office was evacuated because of similar circumstances. a man has been arrested with a backpack full of letters, and he is in custody. coming up rt rybak will give us his take on the votings, plus at least progressives have mark sanford to keep their sparts up. and later, scrutinized and also misunde
substance was sent to president obama. it was intercepted. that substance testing positive for ricin similar to those sent to the hill including a letter sent to senator wicker. now we want it make this very clear. at this point in time investigators do not believe there's a connection between these letters and the bombing in boston. but offously giving the timing, it has just added to the here behind the scenes. president obama is scheduled to go to boston tomorrow with the first lady to attend a memorial service there. he will meet with the families of the victims and help that community which right now is in a state of healing. but again, senior admin strag officials confirming at this point in time per their understanding there has not been an arrest. tamron? >> all right, kristin, we will check back with you. i think michael is standing by at this point. michael, i want to go back to this video aired by whdh. the photo of the package along the route. there is a great amount of attention. tell me what people believe they are seeing here. >> first of all, that's circumstantial evidence. t
. in addition, our other big breaking news story today comes out of washington. a letter to president obama tests positive for the deadly poison known as risin. the news from the white house and from capitol hill as it breaks here today on studio b [ male announcer ] straight from red lobster's chefs to your table for a limited time! it's our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! a handcrafted seafood feast made to share. first you each get salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then choose two from a wide variety of chef-inspired trées like our new honey garlic crispy shrimp or new seafood lover's lingui. round out your seafood dinner with your choice of either an appetizer or dessert to share! don't miss our seafood dinner for two, just $25 at red lobster, where we sea food different. >> bill: breaking news here on "studio b." can report at the moment. there is an image that apparently authorities have identified as a person they would like to talk to described as a young man, said to be dropping off some sort of bag near the scene of the second explosion on monday afternoon, 2:
, possibly that is still being tested, to president obama and to u.s. senator roger wicker. what had happened, at its off site mailing screening centers, authorities intercepted these letters. there were preliminary results saying they had tested positive for ricin. now authorities are looking whether or not they actually have. these tests usually take for final confirmation anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. so they're waiting on results of that. these are two letters the fbi says came from tennessee. so they continued their investigation there. meanwhile on capitol hill today, in a number of senate office buildings there were reports of suspicious packages, suspicious envelopes, suspicious packages being sent to state offices, local offices of u.s. senators. much of that has been cleared already. this is heightened sense of really, sensitivity here in washington, d.c. to watch out for all of these kind of things. u.s. capitol police and authorities are asking staff and lawmakers to be ever vigilant here. so far this seems to be the by-product of that. what we're really looking at now, those
confirming initial tests show a letter sent to president obama tested positive for the deadly poisen ricin. further testing required. earlier, a letter that tested positive for ricin sent to mississippi senator wicker intercepted in a screening center. those are the headlines. we'll stay on the stories for you on the fox business network. back to you. lori: thanks as the situation is developing rapidlier at 2:38 eastern time, this morning, the gang of 8 filed their immigration reform bill on the senate floor. the bill would have begin million of illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship as the wail=" supported the immigration reform to boost the economy. douglas holtz-eakin says, in part, millions of immigrants help congressmen sate for the united states declining birthrate. lou dobbs is here to weigh in and the other profound issues today. >> great to be with you. lori: likewise. >> first of all, we don't have a declining birthrate. what we do have a the strongest natural birthrate in the oecd. just to get rid of some, and i like douglas holtz-eakin tremendously. he's an able economist
. >> there are a lot of those. >> but the two, senator wicker and president obama actually came back with positive -- >> -- they said positive. guess what, bye-bye, life without possibility of parole. probably going to super max in florence, colorado where all the other weirdos are go away for life and they will find you. >> the five goes inside -- no, are we? yes the explosive trial of gauze gosnell. kimberly spent an entire day inside the filly court. she will tell you what she heard. don't go away. >> did you just show up? don't go away. >> did you just show up or what? ♪ ♪ i think ford service is great, but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads inst
the suspect and what he knows about the bomb. and a letter sent to president obama has tested positive for the powerful poison ricin. what those two letters mean for american on edge tonight. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums >>> significant progress has been made in the boston bombing. the camera was positioned just across the street from the second location and as you can see, there was quite a lot of space there, they had a completely clear view as our tom foreman has reported, that camera did as for second exploded device. a light colored hooded sweatshirt and a black jacket. we not know if investigators have been able to identify this man. we are now looking at i i want to bring in drew griffin now. we have been waiting for the fbi press conference and i believe you have some more detail on what's going to happen. >> well, yeah, 1:00, 5:00, then a delay of a couple of hours and then anothe
president obama tests positive for ricin, a letter that didn't get anywhere near president obama, we should underscore. ricin a potentially deadly poison and that's where we begin. i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live." let's get to it. two envelopes initially tested positive for ricin, the most recent letters intended for the hands of the president of the united states. we're told that postal workers at a white house screening facility off site from the white house detected that piece of mail yesterday. it is a facility not near the white house, all mail sent to president obama is screened there, and this is the second ricin-laced envelope found in as many days. yesterday, investigators at another screening facility intercepted a suspicious letter mailed to republican senator roger wicker and now there are other lawmakers coming forward and reporting, quote, suspicious items that they have received that are being evaluated at this moment. mike emanuel on capitol hill with the latest. >> hi, megyn, yeah, it's important to note that the two suspicious letters tested for ricin di
word that comes after a letter sent to president obama and the u.s. senator have tested positively at least initially for the deadly poison ricin. we're just learning that president obama will deliver a statement on the gun control measure that just failed in congress. he will go to the white house rose garden. this hour we'll have live coverage of the president deeply disappointed because they have failed to pass these, even these modified background check expansion regulations. meanwhile, authorities are supposed to come out fairly soon to brief us on the latest investigation in the boston marathon bombings. we're getting conflicting word on when that might happen if in fact it will happen. but two sources do with knowledge of the investigation say authorities want to question a person seen on video, a person seen on video as a possible suspect in the attack. let's bring in our chief national correspondent john king. our security analyst as well. they're here. juliet will be walking in momentarily. john, let's update our viewers on what we know right now as far as the criminal in
for that position by president obama and sworn in in october of 2009 and we are all the lucky -- we are all very lucky that that happened in october of 2009. tom has spent his entire career in public service and on protecting the civil rights of our most vulnerable people. tom actually joined the civil rights division as a young lawyer and while he was there he prosecuted some of the most significant cases in the country. lawyers in the civil rights division get fanned out to places in the country to handle cases in mississippi and alabama and california and all over and tom was one of those people. he was sent to texas to handle a very significant hate crime case when he was a young lawyer that involved a gang of white supremacists that went on a killing spree and ended up shooting 3 people and killing one when he was a young lawyer working in the civil rights division. he later served as a top deputy for attorney general janet reno, he was special counsel to ted kennedy and served as the president's advisor on civil rights issues. he was also director for civil rights at the department o
addressed to president obama field tested positive for ricin poison. the day after a letter was also sent to senator roger wicker also tested positive for the same substance. >>> we begin with new information about the deadly bombing at the boston marathon. as the president and first lady prepare to travel to boston on thursday. after much speculation this afternoon, the fbi has releasted a statement. they say, quote, contrary to widespread reporting, there have been no arrests made in connection with the boston marathon attack. we do know investigators have identified solid leads from video evidence, including images of a person or persons carrying and dropping bags at the bombing scene. now, these pictures from whdh show a bag near a trash can at the blast site. just one part of the key evidence that investigators are pursuing to try to find the perpetrators. right now, there are conflicting reports as to how close they are to identifying any individuals. we expect more at an fbi briefing within the next hour. right now i want to go straight to nbc news justice correspondent, pete willi
sent to president obama intercepted at off-party sites, preliminarily tested positive, and right now, the fbi is checking to see if those, indeed, are filled with ricin. back to you. dennis: thanks a lot. let's go to charles payne. charles, the dow down now, the fear back. is this a flex point? >> we're not sure. some take profits, could be late to the game or saying, listen, you know, i want to cut the losses. what i wanted to do is say key numbers on the downside. numbers, the kind of numbers of wall street watches like support numbers, where we go that you have to make a stand. for the dow now, 14500 is that really key support number, plus or my nos. i use exponential moving average, it's 14322, the downside risk. if that didn't hold, and that's what i consider a must-hold point. look at what's going op with the pull back. everyone was looking for the pull back. i mean, you know, the market was due, no one could argue that. dennis: found a reason, finally. >> right, disappointing news china, europe, and the bombs, and now the letters. what matters longer term is the economic data.
in washington. investigators say early tests on letters sent to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker were positive for ricin. that's a deadly poison. 6,000 times more poisonous, they say, than many other items e% say preliminary tests can be wrong and they're waiting for final results. officials say they intercepted both letters before they got to the white house or the capitol building. mike emanuel is live on the hill there. there are some similarities between the two letters. what are they? >> well, bill, that's right. an fbi operations bulletin obtained by fox reveals similarities. both were postmarked memphis, tennessee on april the 8th. there was some identical wording. and the same signature imkc and i approve this message. at the white house we received this update. >> there was a letter sent to, addressed to the president, that at an off site mail facility wases noticd to have contained a suspicious substance and tests were undertaken. the fbi has the lead in that investigation. >> important to note that both letters did not reach the white house or the
and president obama is the late toast be sent a letter testing positive for the deadly poison ricin. our news anchor joins us from the newsroom with more. the letter never reaped the white house, right? >> that is right. law enforcement officials tell us it was flagged at a remote mail screening facility for mail sent to the white house. the f.b.i. says the letter mailed to the president was preliminarily tested positive for ricin a potentially lethal poison but it has to undergo further laboratory testing a day after another letter potentially laced with the chemical was sent to the office of a mississippi senator. that letter and both are dated april 8 and postmarked from memphis with similar wording. >> i remind you these investigations both of the bombings in boston and the letters in question here are just underway. i would point to the statement by the f.b.i. that they have made, they have no indication of a indication between the two. >> senate offices are on partial lockdown after the discovery of suspicious packages. the police investigation centers now on the offices of senator rich
to be contained in receipters sent to president obama and a republican senator did test positive as ricin. further tests are being done. it's a poison sometimes lumped in with other agents and it can be deadly. abc news reporter with more now from washington, d.c.. >> in malmaryland letter was suspicious substances were discovered tlrk news comes that a letter to be delivered to the white house tested positive for ricin. >> any time a suspicious powder is located it's tested at remote sites to mitigate risk to recipients and general population. >> positive results came from tests in the field. all leters being tested again in a laboratory to get another result. in a statement fbi says the investigation into these leters remains ongoing and more leters stay mai still be received. there is no indication of a connection to the attack in boston. sources say they're postmarked out of memphis, tennessee dated april 8. a source says the mess message reads to be wrong and not expose it is to be a silent partner to its continuance, i am kc ask a prove this message. >> boy like to congratulate for this thre
, that the letter that was being sent to president obama did in fact test positive during initial tests for ricin. this is still very much a developing story. we're not sure exactly who sent the letters and what the intention was. according to reports there were two letters in question. one was sent to senator wicker yesterday. the other sent to the president. we expect a press briefing, 11:45, about 15 minutes from now. hopefully we're learn more information about this incident coming up in a short time. >>> new signs that ten years of diplomatic efforts have failed to persuade iran to curb its nuclear program. we're now learning that iran has dramatically stepped up its nuke technology. adding high-tech machines that could be used in a nuclear weapons program. ambassador john bolton joins us next when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spike
. >> yes, the letter they tried to get to president obama, very similar identifying characteristics that tried to get to senator roger wicker of mississippi. and we know in the case of senator wicker, this letter tested an initial positive, and one more reliable positive test at a lab that makes senate officials and law enforcement officials feel confident enough it is the deadly y poison ricin. so their also taking other precautions. i can tell you the reason i'm talking slowly is because i'm trying to listen to what's going on behind me. they made an announcement, i'm in the russell office building, and this is one of three that are related to the senate. they're making announcement that people should stay off the ground floor because there is a suspicious package, but we also just got that same exact one in the russell building. it's not unusual to get warnings of suspicious packages, it happens all the time, but given the heightened state of alert, officials saying they may not be related, it's not changing the way that people are doing things right now. they have not evacuated,
24 hours, two other letters have reportedly tested positive for a poison called ricin, one addressed to president owe bam. another -- president obama, another to mississippi senator roger wicker. both discovered, stopped and tested at a postal facility before they were delivered. >> i would underscore the mail sent here is screened and that these tests are undertaken at remote sites to mitigate the risks both to those recipients and to the general population. >> reporter: both postmarked april 8 sent out of memphis, says the f.b.i. one quote from the letter, to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continue causes. a suspicious letter reported at the office of senator carl levin. it's under investigation. back here in d.c., even the tourists feel the added police presence at the capitol. >> you can feel it walking around. we're here to visit d.c. you can feel it walking around after boston. things are a little more tense. >> reporter: in the past hour, two more reports of other media of potential suspicious letters at u.s. senators' offices. jeff lake of
that preliminarily tested positive for ricin. one addressed to president obama. one addressed to senator roger wicker of mississippi. they were intercepted before they got to their destinations. preliminarily testing positive for ricin. it takes 24 to 48 hours says the fbi to confirm it was ricin and that is something they're working on right now. a bit of a scare here in washington today as suspicious packages were reported in a number of different corners of senate office buildings. since that time after the initial care, all those packages and letters have been cleared. there are reports of suspicious letters being sent to a number of senate state offices. some of those have an about cleared. others are under investigation right now. also looking forward to tomorrow when president obama heads to boston for a memorial service. back to you. melissa: that's a lot. rich edson, thanks so much for that update. so as you know the boston marathon bombing sending shockwaves throughout our nation. we are still reeling from the death and destruction. joining me, kevin miles, a former fbi bomb technician and
obama and mississippi senator roger wicker have initially tested positive for ricin, a deadly poison. we should point out the initial tests are sometimes inaccurate but they did create an evacuation in the senate today. i want to bring in chief white house correspondent jessica yellin at the white house and chief congressional correspondent dana bash on capitol hill. jessica, let's start with you. what is the white house telling us about this letter to president obama? i know it didn't actually arrive at the white house, but what do we know about the substance in this letter? >> jake, well, we know first of all that they are -- the fbi and the secret service are continuing to investigate and conducting further tests on this letter. they say that they had protocol set up for exactly this kind of incident and this is the exact standard incident that they, you know, protocol they set up after 9/11. the letter contained a message that was parallel to the same message that was in a letter sent to senator wicker. it said, quote, i am -- it said to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a s
than two hours. but here we have two letters one sent to president obama and republican senator both intercepted at an off-campus processing center both testing positive for rice and that is what authorities are looking into right now. that takes between 24 and 48 hours to determine if that was present also filters that a second government facility show preliminary testing positive for ricin than a number of suspicious package and a letter alerts on capitol hill that have been cleared but still local offices of u.s. senators in different states reporting they have suspicious packages which could be common for a heightened state of emergency in the summary get a number of tourists that leave bags and packages even a kids leaving the backpacking and it creates panicked. it has become almost routine for a with a high incidence of security continuing as the investigation in boston continues. cheryl: following a few breaking news stories we are getting more breaking news and want to give this to use security officials have just now cleared the boston courthouse ordering staff attorneys an
on on suspicious letter sent to president obama suspected of carrying ricin, a potentially fatal toxin. it tested positive in preliminary test in a separate an ex mail building. nothing goes to the president or congress without being tested at this maryland facility first. similar letter was sent to roger wicker of mississippi. the feds say they believe they know who sent the letters. so far we are told there is no link between these letters and the boston bombing. nbc's kristin welker is outside the wlous. what's the latest you've got there? >> well, krystal, just a couple of key points worth emphasizing. this letter sent to president obama was intercepted at an of a site facility as you just mentioned. it was identified yesterday. it went through preliminary tests. it went through a number of test to identify what that suspicious substance was. ever since september 11th, this has been the protocol that letters are sent to off site facilities before they come anywhere close to the white house, as you mentioned. there were also letters sent to capitol hill to senators there that contained a suspi
. and they are saying that at least preliminarily a letter that was sent to president obama and received on tuesday at an offsite mail facility has tested positive for ricin. when mail goes to the white house, it doesn't actually go to the white house first. it does go to an offsite facility. this is the same case with capitol hill. keep in mind and i know our joe johns has been reminding us of this, there are people that have to process it. and obviously ricin is a very dangerous substance. so there's certainly concern there about the people who had to process this, but this was intercepted on tuesday. and the big question now is, is there a connection here between this letter, this one letter and the other letter sent to senator wicker and the bombings that happened in boston on monday? it certainly is remarkable timing and really makes you question that. jay carney, the white house press secretary was asked about this during a briefing a short time ago. and he wouldn't rule out that there was a connection. i think the reason a lot of people are asking is the bombings happened about 3:00 p.m. on
letters are being tested. they're targeting senators, and we have learned president obama as well. we should calling there's always the possibility of fats positives in the initial screening machines. joining me -- pete, first to you, what are we learning about these letters and the possibility of ricin? >> the possibility is the word, andrea. sent from a single person in mississippi, authorities believe they know who has done this. they've questioned that -- and they're waiting to see what the results are on them. ricin is made from castor beans. we've seen this happen in the past, someone will grind up castor beans, put them in an envelope, and that will trip the indicators that are looking for ricin, sort of like the difference between opium and poppies. they come from the same thing, but they're not the same thing. so they have these preliminary tests that -- for the last decade, no mail goes directly to the white house or lots of other government buildings. they have these -- they can't know for certainly until it's cultured, then they'll examine it. there may be more than these
on the mail-ins. rich edison, what do you have? >> a letter went to president obama, this is from the justice producer, fox news' mike levine, in the bulletin, one letter sent to senator wickers that had preliminary tested positive for ricen. they are going through that. the analysis of the second letter sent to president obama is unknown. the bulletin goes on to say that both envelopes were postmarked out of memphis tennessee, april 8th, 2013, and enclosed in the letters, had identical language saying to see a wrong and not expose it is become a silent partner to its continuance. both letters signed i am kc, and i approve this message. identical letters sent to wicker, republican of mississippi, and president obama according to the fbi bulletin obtained by fox news. >> richard, we're reminded of the anthrax attack days after 9/11. i'm not suggesting a connection then or a connection now between boston and ricen, but the timing, the coi understand dense of that timing strikes me as very, very interesting indeed. rich edson with the latest there. appreciate it. thank you very much, indeed, sir
in the case of those letters that initially tested positive for ricin. officials identify the subject as kenneth curtis of mississippi and may appear in court later tonight. two letters were intercepted, one to president obama and one to roger wicker. let me go back to you on this, clint. what do you make of this case? there's something about these bombings where they seem to lead to -- it just seems to -- like snakes travel in pairs, we get the ricin case and cases like these. >> he signed the letters, this is kc and i approve this message. that doesn't take a whole lot of heavy lifting to match up this guy whose name you just said in the initial kc. i think it's logical to find out that it's probably not ricin. it's probably another false positive. in this abundance of caution especially because of boston, you have to take these things serious. was there any connection between the two, likely not. >> i think somebody stirs up the nuts in cases like this because we had anthrax last time that got to talk brokaw and the former leader -- i forget his name. >> tom daschle. >> thank you,
, president obama. the letter never reached the white house. it was intercepted at an offsite screening center as all parcels, all letters sent to the president are, but once again they're investigating that initial test positive, but that's just initial. it could change. there are other letters, suspicious letters and packages also being investigated right now on capitol hill in the hart senate office building, the russell senate office building an individual walking around with a backpack delivering letters and law enforcement now questioning that individual to see if those letters do contain any suspicious powder, any suspicious material. certainly something as deadly as ricin would be a huge, huge problem. reminds a lot of us of the anthrax-laced letters that were delivered to u.s. senators, to members of the news media back at the end of 2001 shortly after 9/11 that killed some individuals, including two postal workers who just randomly touched those letters and the anthrax actually wound
, the secret service announced that a letter addressed to president obama contained what agents are calling a suspicious substance. this announcement comes on the heels of two letters sent to the u.s. senate that also tested positive with the poison ricin. now we're gonna continue to follow this story. >>> sal's back and he will help you get to where you need to go. sal? >> we have a problem in san jose, northbound 280 as you come up to highway 17. sara toe fa avenue. there was an earlier crash in the lanes that cleared rather quickly but traffic is going to be slow as you can see getting up from the downtown san jose exits getting up to saratoga avenue. the crash is on the right-hand shoulder. westbound bay bridge. that's clearing up a little bit. it's about -- it's about a 15 to 20-minute delay. >>> let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> a pretty good breeze for some. i know concord, livermore, sfo, steady around 25, gusts to 30. what in the sam hill is going on out here, trish says? it will be sunny. temperatures are definitely beginning to warm up. we're starting off in the 50s for ma
not made in order. yesterday, the obama administration expressed ongoing concerns about this legislation, issuing a veto threat. i share the president's concern, despite positive changes that this bill falls short in several key ways. as written right now and hopefully there still may be some changes, cispa allows the military to directly collect personal information on american citizens, it fails to safeguard privacy of americans and grants sweeping immunity to companies for decisions made based on cyberinformation prohibiting consumers from holding companies accountable for reck less actions. i urge opposition. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized for 30 seconds. ms. schakowsky: i was going to conclude by saying i urge my colleagues to oppose this bill, we can and should do better and i'm hopeful that we still bill do -- will do better and i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentlelady's time has expire. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. ruppersberger: thank you, madam chair, i yield myself 30 seconds. i want to make very, very clear in the bill and i th
's somewhat paradoxical. my country and other arctic counsel countries announced we are positive forward -- toward these. we want to do it in a constructive way. >> now in your speech, you cite as evidence of global warming the unusual photograph of president obama and governor right before the election. in the united states there's a large contingent of climate change doubters. what do you say to that part of the tows persuade them that climate change is real? >> would be take a look at me. i'm the picture of obama and governor chris christie. [laughter] because according to the ground rules of u.s. presidential campaigns, such an embrace three days before election day was an absolute taboo. and talk to the people new jersey or new york that had their homes destroyed and their communities destroyed due to the extreme weather events. look up on the map side, the report of china in january or february. one example, just to give you a visual image is the melting of the arctic sea ice in my part of the world. the consequence -- [inaudible] so whether we call it climate change or not, that's
is confirming that a letter has been received and justin president obama that contains as a suspicious substance. they're testing it now to see what the situation is with that. this comes on the heels of a senator of listed mississippi receiving a letter that was positive for rice in. that is a deadly poison, one that can kill you even small quantities. the size of a grain of rice is all it takes for right senrice andin. we'll take a quik break, we'll be right back. wow, the track looks perfect. now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying! whooooaaaaaa little tractors, dance! they're here! it is time! there's high-octane fun for everyone at cars land. only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell? >> we're back with the latest information about its services business letter that was mailed to president obama. the secret service has intercepted a letter addressed to president obama back and take is suspicious substance. a spokesperson says the letter was intercepted at a facility away from the white hous
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